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Prepare to get...

Battle ready

Your BEST season starts NOW!

"Hard work is admirable, but smart work is the game changer"

Almost every athlete does some form of strength and conditioning training these days. Whether it's:


  • A program you've purchased or found on the internet,

  • Something that's been made up on the spot by your gym partner,

  • Or a program you put together yourself...

Most athletes want to believe they've got their preparation sorted and hope they've done enough. But that's far from what we see.


If it were true then every year we'd expect to see resilient, powerful and confident athletes everywhere.


Except we don't.


In reality, It's a mix. We see a handful of Athletes who've managed to do a great job and we see a host of others who are injured, deconditioned or unable to fully express their true potential on the field,

This is not their fault.


There are so many gimmicks, so much mis-information and cookie-cutter programmes out there that are entirely believable, but ultimately damaging. Instead of bulletproofing you from injury, most strength and conditioning programs are ineffective, only serving to increase fatigue and injury risk -- the complete opposite of what it should be doing.


That's why we at My:Armour have created the "Battle Ready" Rugby camp.

Because we believe that none of you should experience anything less than your best in your sport.


And that's what we aim to deliver.

12 weeks in the pursuit of improved performance

How it works

Our "Battle Ready" Rugby Camp is a 12-week distance based training programme designed to improve athleticism, bullet proof weaknesses, decrease injury risk and build strength, power and speed to help you dominate on the rugby field.

Stage #1  Testing 

We begin in the My:Armour facility. Our Battleplan testing battery is a 2 hour in-depth and in-person assessment that helps us to discover & build your unique pathway to developing strength, power, speed and overall athleticism. It also helps us to pinpoint your weaknesses, identify performance blindspots and bulletproof against non-contact injuries.

Atlete battleplan.png

Stage #2  Training 

Once the testing is is complete and the Battleplan has been built we then move to programme creation & programme delivery.

We'll design a bespoke, individualised program based on your needs in relation to the results of your testing and the demands of rugby. This program will take into account your weaknesses, strengths and blind spots, with all elements from strength work to speed and agility sessions being customised to YOU. 

All of your training will be populated into your own TrainHeroic account that you can access anytime anywhere. 

train heroic screen shot.png

Stage #3  Retesting 

Once the training is completed we'll bring you back into the My:Armour facility to show you how much you've improved. We'll repeat your Battleplan screening giving you an insight into how your specific training interventions have affected your performance measures.

This next checkpoint in your training will not only fill you with confidence for the upcoming season, but it'll also give you so valuable metrics to keep tabs on throughout the season and can hugely inform how you construct your in-season training.. 

 BONUS  Field Sessions 

Sprint graphic.png

In addition to all of the above we're also have adding the option of some in-person coaching. 

Speed & agility work is often some of the hardest stuff to get right. If you're not well versed in what you need to be doing it can be hard to translate video demonstrations into effective drills.

Thats why, for those athletes who want to ensure that added level of preparation, there will also be an option to join our group field-based speed & agility sessions. These will run for 8-weeks during the off-season and will be over seen by a performance coach who can ensure your're getting the most out of your speed, power and agility prescriptions.


Over 12 weeks we'll give you everything you need to feel fully prepared for the 22/23 season

  • You'll be able to stop guessing about your athletic performance and guarantee your results.

  • You'll have unwavering confidence in your physical ability to perform when it counts.

  • You'll have the confidence knowing you've done everything you can to avoid unnecessary injuries.

  • And you'll be able to stop doubting yourself in the moments that it counts the most.

Who we are and why you should trust us?


Hey! We're Adam and Lyndon and together we co-founded and run My:Armour.

We're both fitness professionals who've been working in and around high performance sport for over 10 years. During this time we've developed a tool box of strategies to allow us to make a huge difference to the performance of the athletes we work with.

We've used these tools to help numerous athletes overcome performance hurdles and rehab from catastrophic injuries.

Our mission is to help more athletes avoid common training mistakes and pitfalls and help them to succeed faster.

The Investment

Athlete Package

  • 2x Battleplan Performance testing session (£300 value).

  • 12 weeks of individualised programming (£180 value).

Your Investment




Monthly subscription option

Elite Package

  • 2x Battleplan Performance testing session (£300 value).

  • 12 weeks of individualised programming (£180 value).

  • 16x Speed & agility field sessions (£240 value)

Your Investment




Monthly subscription option

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