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what do these reps schemes mean?

Performance Nutrition

One of the most common questions we get is; How do these 3 reps schemes differ?;

Front Squat; @20X1; 4 reps x3; rest as needed

Front Squat; @20X1; 4,4,4; rest as needed

Front Squat; @20X1; [4.4.4] x3; [15-sec rest] rest as needed

Well, here's a simple explanation;

The first example is a simple straight sets prescriptions. We want you to perform 3 sets of 4 reps at a tempo of @20X1, with the SAME LOAD across all sets. Jump to the second example and this is almost exactly the same but we expect a change in load over the 3 sets, generally a build towards the heaviest working load on the last set. 

The last example is something entirely different, something we call a cluster set. In this example you're to perform three 4 reps clusters inside of each set, with a 15-sec break between each cluster. For example;

4 reps @20X1

Rest 15-sec

4 reps @20X1

Rest 15-sec

4 reps @20X1

Rest as needed

End of set 1

Cluster sets are a fancy way of performing extended sets, allowing you to accumulate more volume with small intra-set breaks that allow heavier loads to be used.

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