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Jason’s interest in musculoskeletal (MSK) injuries and pain began whilst progressing through Exeter City FC’s academy as a player from the age of 8, all the way to earning 2 years as a professional.

After coming out of the progressional game, he continued playing semi professionally (currently at Weston Super-Mare) whilst training to become a chartered Physiotherapist.

After going back to college to do A-Levels he earned a place to study Physiotherapy at Cardiff University, graduating in 2020 with First Class Honours.

Upon graduation he moved back to Devon and began working in Somerset Foundation Trust as a MSK Physiotherapist where he gained the invaluable experience of working with a wide variety of ages, conditions and post operative patients. Additionally, Jason has worked closely with the Orthopaedic Assessment service in Somerset (OASIS) and local Orthopaedic consultants.

Jason joined the Injury Armour team at the beginning of 2023, to further push his passion for integrated Physiotherapy and Performance.

Having a specialist interest in all aspects of MSK physiotherapy he believes in treating people as well as conditions, and enjoys educating patients about their condition, before working out an evidenced based, clinically reasoned treatment plan to target the primary problem and return to full fitness. 

Meet the Team

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