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ABOUT Lyndon

Lyndon started, as all good S&C coaches do, as a failed athlete.

Playing rugby in his early teens followed by basketball and American football, the theme of sport and fitness dominated much of his younger years.

Lyndon admits that his failures as an athlete probably had something to do with him enjoying the training for each sport more than the actual competing!

But where sport slowly fell away, Lyndon’s passion for coaching only grew. Beginning as gym instructor at the age 16 and never leaving the coaching floor for the 20+ years that followed.

Lyndon has coached everyone from future Olympians, professional athletes and 70 year old marathon runners.

Heading up Strength and Conditioning roles in rugby in the UK and abroad. As well as previously opening and running his own facility in Taunton.

Lyndon Joined Injury Armour 1 year after its foundation to head up the performance arm of the business. He has helped establish a thriving community of people with a wide variety of goals and current fitness capacities but all with the collective philosophy of wanting to improve.

His coaching ethos is that variety is key, never focussing purely on one methodology or working with one cohort of clients exclusively. He believes the more problems he must solve the bigger his coaching quiver grows. It is for that reason Lyndon is our head of Performance.

Whether you are frustrated with your lack of fitness in your 50s, needing to recondition alongside your shoulder rehabilitation or want to have the coaching to enhance your physical abilities when progressing to adult rugby Lyndon is your man. 

Meet the Team

Get to know the dedicated team of professionals committed to your journey towards peak health and performance.

Adam Rutter

Founder / Head of Physiotherapy

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Lyndon Lane

Head of Performance


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