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Every time we speak to clients in clinic about goals and desires, the same things always come up. People want to train in a way that helps them to:

  • Be free from pain & injury

  • Enjoy the way they look

  • Feel stronger and more athletic


So, we set out to provide just that. Our performance programme helps people;

  • Get stronger

  • Build visible muscle

  • Stay resilient and injury free


Don't know where to start?

click below and you can start your journey the right way; with our 14 day free test drive.

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Introducing Performance

A complete coaching programme to get you from the point of frustration to training regularly, pain free and building muscle you wish you'd had in your 20's:

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  • even if you're constantly plagued by niggles

  • even if you have limited time to train

  • even if your bad back is now a regular slot with the Chiropractor

and especially if you feel like you've put in the work, but you STILL don’t look and move the way you want to.

Avoid wasting more time and wondering whether what you want to achieve is actually possible. It’s time to put your training in the hands of an expert and stop second guessing if you're doing the RIGHT things.

You don't need more info, you need a starting point, an action plan and someone to keep moving in the right direction!

what makes our process different?


Every client gets their own dedicated coach 

Your coach will map out every stage along your fitness journey, from your initial assessment and design to your weekly programming and check-ins. 

You'll have one touch point for all your training needs and a dedicated professional in your corner.  


Objective testing and data driven programme design

Every layer of your programme design is informed by an extensive initial screening process.

We use the latest in VALD sports science technology to thoroughly screen you, giving us a uniquely in-depth understanding of how you move and produce force and where you might be leaking energy or at risk of injury.


Truly individualised coaching and support

Not a facebook group in sight!!


Our programme might be delivered in an app but we believe in the value of face to face contact and support. Not only will your coach be available to answer questions and make training revisions online, but you'll also have the option to book face to face consultations or PT sessions with your coach at a discounted rate.  


seamless integration with physiotherapy support

Any injured individuals on our performance programme will have the combined attention of both physio and strength & conditioning coach, with your rehab seamlessly being delivered alongside your on-going performance prescription.

Even better than that, while on the performance programme you'll receive an unlimited 10% discount on all physiotherapy fees.


Start getting stronger today


When you sign up to Performance, you'll get instant access to our members area, filled with knowledge articles to up-skill you right off the bat and help you understand some of your coaches prescriptions. 

You'll also gain access to our Nutrition pack, allowing you to select an appropriate start point for your any dietary changes you want to make. 


Log all your results and keep track of your training in TrainHeroic and communicate with your coach either in-person (if you're locally based) or through Telegram if you want to be coached from a distance.  


Enjoy progressive programming and coaching pitched specifically at your level and for your goal. Feel yourself getting, fitter, stronger and leaner,

Ready to join performance?

Here are your options;



per month

In-person performance screening & fitness testing session.

(£150 value)

individualised programming (£120 value)

unlimited programme revisions

your own personal coach (priceless)

unlimited discounted physiotherapy (10% off regular price)

unlimited discounted coach consultations (10% off regular price)



per month

In-person performance screening & fitness testing session.

(£150 value)

individualised programming (£120 value)

unlimited programme revisions

your own personal coach (priceless)

unlimited discounted physiotherapy (10% off regular price)

unlimited discounted coach consultations (10% off regular price)

monthly consultation (£50 value)

1:1 PT sessions


per hour


individualised programming (£120 value)

unlimited programme revisions

your own personal coach (priceless)

unlimited discounted physiotherapy (10% off regular price)

unlimited discounted coach consultations (10% off regular price)


Feel so much better in my self. My training has become so much easier, more focused and easier to execute.

Give it a go, you've got so much more to gain than you could imagine.


The programme is so specific to me and tailored to helping me develop sport specific skills. My performance and strength has increased dramatically. 

Adam and Lyndon both give real focus and support to helping you achieve your goals.


I feel much more confident in myself, in how I look and with my physical abilities. I have a fairly physical job and this has made a big difference in how I work day to day. Aches and pains that I previously had have gone.


  • I don't think I'm fit enough...feel slightly out of my depth
    Almost everyone we work with always wishes they had started working with us sooner! You may feel unfit now, but fast forward a few months into the programme and you'll look back only regretting you didn't start sooner. Many of our clients can't do a single pull-up when they begin and at least half can't do a full push-up. Lot's of people have had persistent pain and have struggled with injuries and so we get people working with us at all levels of function. Where ever you are, we'll meet you there.
  • How long are the training sessions?
    It totally depends. Depending on you, your life schedule and also your training age. We write the programme specifically for you and so, up front we'll have a conversation about how much time you have available to train and what your training history looks like. In most cases, training sessions will take 45-60 minutes to complete, but this can fluctuate anywhere from as short as 30 minutes up to 90 minutes in length.
  • What if I miss sessions or can't stick to the routine?
    Missing sessions is not a problem. We expect that most of our clients will miss 10, maybe 20% of their workouts over the course of a training cycle, but this is not as bad as it sounds. Unless you're a professional athlete almost everyone has other things to deal with outside of training. Things come up and sometimes there's not much you can do about it. There are much more important things in life to attend to outside of training and sometimes those things clash. If that's happening on too much of a regular occurrence then of course we'll ask the question. But always from a place of trying to understand what's going on and how we can improve things, both from a training prescription perspective and helping you to build better adherence.
  • Why is this so expensive compared to other online programmes?
    Because it's not just a programme. There are many many low cost pre-written programmes available online. Some of them are great, a lot them are trash, but none of them are written for you! We write programmes for the individual and we're also here to support you through your training journey. That takes time and therefore incurs a higher cost. But what you get for that is worth the investment!
  • Why is it so cheap?
    Said no one...ever! But the reality is £69/month is a VERY good price for personalised coaching, so how do we make that work? Well, with over 30+ years of coaching experience we've become pretty efficient at what we do and we are constantly evolving the service to be able to bring the best possible value at the lowest price point for the consumer. We are still a business and so of course we are concerned with profits, but quality of service always comes first.
  • What Equipment do I need?
    We make the training work for you and your current situation. We even have clients who currently live in the desert and have no access to equipment...for real! Obviously, it's better for all involved if you do have access to a well equipped gym, but we can work with whatever you've got. In some situations we just have to be realistic about what's achievable, but we can talk you through that.
  • What if I'm currently injured?
    Perfect! Well...not really, but you're absolutely in the right place. Injury Armour was founded as Physiotherapy clinic and so all of our Performance members have access to the best injury support money can buy. As a Performance member you'll receive a 10% discount off any Physiotherapy consultations you'll need while injured and we'll also tailor your programme design to include your rehab along with manipulating your training to work alongside it. So, even if you are injured, we've got you covered and we can keep you moving closer towards your goals.
  • Can I mix this with other training, classes etc?
    We provide a completely customised programming schedule where every exercise, training day and training block is designed with an outcome in mind. But with that being said, we're here to serve you and your needs and so, if you want to continue doing other forms of training then YES, absolutely, we will write your programme to fit in and around the other things you'd like to do.
  • Can I try it for free?
    Absolutely! We don't offer the fully individualised coaching experience for free, but what we do offer comes pretty close. We've written a free two week introductory programme to let you experience our programming first hand. It's designed as an on boarding/introductory programme for all populations, but with people who've struggled a lot with persistent niggles and injuries specifically in mind. During the 14 days you'll receive a full training programme along with daily video content from our coaches along with a host of other free content. To get started click here!
  • Cancellations
    Cancellation is not a problem. We aim for a 100% success rate, but that's not always possible. Sometimes what we offer just doesn't sync up with what the client wants or perhaps we just start working together at the wrong time. Whatever it is, we understand when people wish to cancel. If anything we see it as a valuable learning experience to be able to improve the service. All we ask is that you message us, through Telegram, giving us 30 days notice and we'll process your cancellation from our end. But don't be afraid to test drive the service first for free. To be 100% sure before you purchase. You can get access to the 14-day free test drive here.
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