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performance nutrition

Finding your nutritional training age

A fundamental error that a lot of people making when approaching their nutrition is biting off more than they can chew, pun intended - then getting overwhelmed, repeatedly failing and giving up entirely.

Nutrition shouldn't be so difficult to install that you can't do it consistently. It needs to be something that slots into your lifestyle.


What you'll find below are some really simple qualifiers that'll help you define what's appropriate for your lifestyle right now. We break nutritional interventions up into "training age" categories just like we do resistance training.


Find out below whether your'e better off starting at a beginner, intermediate or advanced level.   

level one

Best for people who:

  • Find tracking unsustainable.

  • Need help building consistency.

  • Want guidance to make better food choices


level two

Best for people who:

  • Consistently make good food choices.

  • Want some objective values to stick to, ie protein totals/hand measures.

  • Are willing to track and measure what they eat.


level three

Best for people who:

  • Want clearly defined calorie and macro targets to stick to.

  • Have the head space for consistent tracking and preparation.

  • Want to maximise performance.


level one

beginner nutrition

Daily Targets: 

  • Make time for 2-3 meals per day where you sit, eat and focus on chewing fully, putting your fork down between mouthfuls and being free of work or tech based distractions.

  • Drink 1 litre of clean water for every 30kg of your bodyweight per day.

  • With every meal consume 2-3 portions of fruits or vegetables and a palm sized portion of lean protein. Thats 6-9 portions of fruits or veg per day and 3 servings of lean protein.

Simple Meal Building

Simplify your food choices and easily construct simple and nutritious meals.

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Keeping Track

What gets measured gets managed.

keeping track imagery.png

BLGs (Basic lifestyle guidelines)

Ignore the extremes, here are the few consistent behaviours that will support your training,

BLGs Imagery.png

level two

intermediate nutrition


Simplifying your protein requirements.

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Daily Targets: 

  • All of the beginner targets above.

  • Hit your protein requirements everyday (within 5-10%).

  • All main meals are constructed from higher quality minimally processed foods.


level three

advanced nutrition

Daily Targets: 

  • All beginner and intermediate targets above.

  • Stay within 5% of your calorie and macro targets.

Calculating Macros

If you love the numbers this article is for you. Get a good idea of exactly what you should be eating to support your goals.

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Calculation to Construction

Take your calorie calculations and turn them into a balanced plate of food.

macros to meals imagery.png


What's useful, what's useless and what's essential.

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