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Why Injury Armour

Updated: Sep 16, 2020

Do you want to achieve and maintain a balance of Physical and mental health?

Do you desire to live a varied and active lifestyle?

Do you crave adventure and value your body as the tool to achieve your goals?

Does running bring you balance to your hectic lifestyle?

Are you a Grandparent who prides themselves on their ability to still tire the young children out?

Or is it essential you maintain a physical, athletic advantage over your sporting competition?

When Injury, Illness or Pain comes along these ideals can soon seem like an unachievable challenge.

Our normal routines then become more difficult and external pressures start to increase.

You may now struggle to lift your grandchild from the floor, long commutes are now an agonising and eye watering experience. Surgery has well and truly halted your goal of achieving a new personal best time, or your season has been cut short due to unplayable pain.

Injury Armour Physiotherapy is for the person who refuses to accept that their pain or injury will define them.

Injury Armour Physiotherapy will be your mentor, ensuring everything is catered for on your road to recovery. We pride ourselves on providing the most comprehensive, effective and manageable Injury rehab programming out there. If you have previously been let down by unspecific and general rehabilitation programmes or feel that your recovery requires more than a few exercise scribbles on paper, Injury Armour is for you.

Injury Armour is for people who value having a relationship and feeling supported by the Physiotherapist they select.

We commit to a contract of trust.

We will provide you with the most effective injury recovery.

All we ask is you promise to attack it whilst providing consistent honest feedback of your progress or struggles.

We wanted to provide a service in which once the programme has been designed you feel empowered to perform your rehab with the upmost confidence in any environment. For this reason, we have chosen software that allows you to send messages, videos and images immediately to our Physiotherapist who can then critically review any movement issues. Providing instant feedback and corrections.

We will never stop working towards helping you achieve your goals.

This may involve innovative specialist treatments such as shockwave therapy or simply finding movement adaptations alongside strengthening programmes.

Whatever the option you will always be met with a smile and an unwavering passion to deliver the most effective Physiotherapy service possible.

Taking you from YOUR pain to YOUR fitness.



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