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Founder & Head of Physiotherapy


Adams career prior to Injury Armour was a harmonious balance of both professional sport and general MSK practice. Working professionally in football, cricket, rugby and too many others to list, contrasted with treating clients who had somewhat fewer active goals, but equally as important. This led to a realisation that there was a fundamental inequality in Physiotherapy provisions. This was an inequality of quality, access, technology integration and performance focus.

Adams dream was to a establish a service that housed the same level of care, expertise and technology as the elite sporting institutions but available to both athletes and the general public under one roof.

Injury Armour was born.

Adams Physiotherapy philosophy can be split into two key themes.

How do we know we are helping you if we aren’t testing you (Assess don’t guess)


Every injury is an opportunity to come back stronger (Rebuild your Armour)

These two themes run through the veins of Injury Armour and Adams Physiotherapy care. Adam always ensures you are fully on board with your injury diagnosis, you understand the WHY behind the objective testing we are performing on your injury site, and you are open and engaged with telling us how much time and resource you want to throw at your rehab journey.

He is immensely proud of the Injury Armour brand and the level of Physiotherapy and performance training it delivers but still has an immense passion for the Physio work and takes no greater pleasure than seeing his clients return to their goals with a smile on their face feeling stronger than ever.

Meet the Team

Get to know the dedicated team of professionals committed to your journey towards peak health and performance.

Adam Rutter

Founder / Head of Physiotherapy

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Lyndon Lane

Head of Performance


Jason Pope

Senior Physiotherapist


Maxine Dean

Senior Neuro-Physiotherapist


Jack Thomas

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist


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