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"I wish I could be pain-free and enjoy exercise like I used to..."

Now you can. We believe that everyone could and should have more success in their physical pursuits—if only they had access to the best coaching and industry-leading technology to guide their journey.

​That's why we created Injury Armour. To provide an unparalleled service to people who are used to being short-changed by the healthcare and fitness industries. 

​Our mission is to help you train and live… without limitations.

Our Services

We are revolutionising the way people defeat pain, return from injury, improve their performance, and reclaim their active lives. Find out more about our core services below.

Physiotherapy consultations

Consultations to help diagnose, treat and create action plans for your pain/injury. Get back in the game or simply enjoy life pain-free with our expert guidance.

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Strength & conditioning 

Improve athleticism and dominate your opposition...or feel better in your 40s than you did in your 20s. Whatever your goals, our performance programme has you covered.


Shockwave therapy

The Gold standard of accessory treatments for tendon pain. Together with our rehabilitation plans, there is no better treatment for improving pain related to tendon issues.


Client Testimonials

Hear from our clients: real results, real stories of recovery and physical achievement:

Rating 5.0 5 reviews

Thanks to Adam I am on the mend from a glute /back injury. He has been super professional, friendly and set training programs over the last couple of...

Steve James

Great experience with Adam at Injury Armour. My son was dealing with lower back issues, and Adam was exceptional at making him feel comfortable. He provided...

Georgia Parkhouse

I came to Adam with a bit of an odd knee injury in the summer, and he was knowledgeable, patient and honest with me. With a consistent rehab programme,...

Danielle Payne

I have recommended a number of my own Personal Training Clients to Adam and they have all had the same successes as I have. (Some are even here on Google)....

Philip Worth

My son and I have both seen Adam to help us with sporting injuries and we would highly recommend him! He’s so friendly and welcoming, really listens...

Carla Antoniou

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Our Philosophy

We all have different goals, but everyone wants to be free of pain and able to chase a better physical state

Different goals same desire

While we all have different goals, we all share the same desire to be free of pain and able to do more with our bodies.

Whether you're an athlete, a performer, a labourer, or a parent—none of us want every day to be marked by physical struggle or to feel limited by our bodies.

We should always strive for better.

Tried and tested on 1000s of athletes

That's why we founded Injury Armour. We want everyone to have access to the very best in performance and physiotherapy services — to help them out of pain, rehabilitate their injury and give them the physical tools to perform better than they ever have. 

Our service is an innovative, performance-focused Physiotherapy & Strength and Conditioning clinic based in Taunton, Somerset. 

Elite-level healthcare and fitness for all

We are proud of our extensive background working with both international athletes and members of the public suffering from pain, injury and frustration with their current physical ability.

​Our diverse experience ensures we can provide elite-level healthcare and fitness for all, combining the most innovative treatment and training methods with a truly personal level of care. ​With our Rehabilitation & Performance programs, you’ll always have expert guidance with you at every stage of your fitness journey.


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Meet the Team

Get to know the dedicated team of professionals committed to your journey towards peak health and performance.

Adam Rutter

Founder / Head of Physiotherapy

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Lyndon Lane

Head of Performance


Jason Pope

Senior Physiotherapist


Maxine Dean

Senior Neuro-Physiotherapist


Jack Thomas

Musculoskeletal Physiotherapist


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