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Physiotherapy Done Better

Traditional, unsupported clinical approaches to physiotherapy don't work. Most clinical practices fail their patients for one of 3 reasons:

  • ​​Infrequent touchpoints and support
  • Reliance on passive modalities
  • Zero fitness and lifestyle support outside of a rehab prescription

​At Injury Armour, we don't just believe in getting you back to normal physical condition. We aim to take you from a place of pain — to a position where you can improve on your pre-injury fitness and performance.

​Whether that's crushing your competition on a Saturday or playing with your grandchildren during the holidays. We want you to get back to doing what you love as soon as possible—springboarding you onto a higher level of operation while we're there.

 But to do that, we have to do things differently and here's how: 


IA_Physio_Individual.svg (ia_physio_individual.svg)

Completely individualised rehab prescriptions and management plans

Your Physio will map out every stage along your rehab journey, from your initial assessment and diagnosis to your weekly programming and follow-ups.  ​You'll have one touchpoint for all your training needs and a dedicated professional in your corner. 

IA_Performance_Objective-Data.svg (ia_performance_objective-data.svg)

Objective testing and data-driven interventions 

We have invested in elite-level testing equipment to ensure we know where to place our efforts to get you back to 100%. This also gives us a clear understanding of your rate of progression. 

IA_Physio_Fitter-Stronger.svg (ia_physio_fitter-stronger.svg)

Get fitter, stronger or more subtle

Through Injury Armour you have the option to attack your rehab from all angles. Our Physiotherapists will cover your injury recovery. But have you ever thought about making sure you use this opportunity to get fitter, stronger or more subtle in your non-injured areas? We are bringing this model to you with PRO RECOVERY. 

​Physiotherapists can work collaboratively with S+C coaches to ensure no stone is left unturned.  It has worked for decades in Elite sport; we are bringing this model to you. 

IA_Physio_Elite-Level.svg (ia_physio_elite-level.svg)

​Elite-level of care and personal support throughout the rehab process

We deliver our rehab programme through an app. This ultimately gives you a bespoke experience with exercise demonstrations and explanations, alongside feedback and communication with your Physio/ S+C coach.

How much do you need to invest?




  • 2 physio consults p/m (including initial consultations)
  • Complete rehab programming
  • Integrated, personalised fitness programme to complement rehab process

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Physiotherapy ConsultationS


For new injuries and follow up consultations. Includes:

  • Subjective assessment and consultation
  • Physical Examination & Diagnosis
  • Individualised Treatment
  • Progressive Management Plan

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Shockwave Therapy Treatment


or £75 per session outside of package

  • Initial assessment and complementary rehab programming
  • 4 x shockwave therapy sessions
  • Follow up session one month after final shockwave to ensure optimal ongoing management.

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Sports Massage



  • 45/60 mins Sports Massage sessions to optimise recovery and readiness.

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Client Testimonials

Hear from our clients: real results, real stories of recovery and physical achievement:

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Thanks to Adam I am on the mend from a glute /back injury. He has been super professional, friendly and set training programs over the last couple of...

Steve James

Great experience with Adam at Injury Armour. My son was dealing with lower back issues, and Adam was exceptional at making him feel comfortable. He provided...

Georgia Parkhouse

I came to Adam with a bit of an odd knee injury in the summer, and he was knowledgeable, patient and honest with me. With a consistent rehab programme,...

Danielle Payne

I have recommended a number of my own Personal Training Clients to Adam and they have all had the same successes as I have. (Some are even here on Google)....

Philip Worth

My son and I have both seen Adam to help us with sporting injuries and we would highly recommend him! He’s so friendly and welcoming, really listens...

Carla Antoniou

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