Why Performance Physiotherapy ?

Performance Physiotherapy is not about your sporting aspirations or current physical condition.

Performance Physiotherapy is our promise to you.

You will always be treated in a manner whereby the upmost focus is placed on how we can facilitate you achieving your goals as effectively as possible.

Performance is our mindset. 


Helping you feel comfortable and fit again is our priority.


Whether it is ensuring we stay on top of the current evidence, investing in equipment that has been shown to accelerate your healing or down to how we deliver our rehabilitation programmes to you.


We pride ourselves on striving to be the best Physiotherapy clinic for you.

What to expect ?

Your session with the Physiotherapist will last around 45 minutes.

This allows enough time for an in depth discussion about the onset of pain.

The Physiotherapist can then build up an understanding of the injury and any potential risk factors for further issues in the future.

The Physiotherapist will then assess your injury before being able to come to a clinical diagnosis. This will always be explained in an easy to understand manner. 

Critically the Physiotherapist will then talk you through the plan of action and the steps needed to get you better. 

Your Rehab programme is designed to get you better as effectively as possible. 

The Rehab from Injury Armour may feel different to other Physiotherapists you have seen as it may feel more like a workout. Don't worry though you will never be asked to do something that is not suitable for the level of your injury.

However, we have found that when Rehab is performed in this way it results in overall greater satisfaction and allows you to progress fitness at the same time. 

Every patient that is appropriate for Physiotherapy will be given a comprehensive Rehab programme to start them on the journey to recovery. 

Here are some of the additional treatment options we have to facilitate and supplement your rehab plan. 

Shockwave Therapy 

Shockwave is a technique used to heal tendons, muscles and ligaments in a faster and more effective way than traditional treatments


We have teamed up with Physiolab to bring you state of the art combination cryotherapy and compression. Perfect for acute injuries, or to facilitate recovery following rehab or matchplay. 

Blood Flow Restriction Training

Research has shown that the same muscle strength gains can be achieved by lifting 30% of the weight when using blood flow restriction cuffs. We have invested in equipment that allows the safe execution of this technique.

This allows for a much faster return to high level function following injuries, surgery and pain problems. 

Manual Therapy 

We may use manual therapy and massage technique to help facilitate an increase in range of motion, or to decrease your pain levels. 

This can be a great accessory to your rehab programme allowing you to achieve movements that were otherwise difficult to reach.

Massage alone can be a fantastic way to improve your recovery from exercise sessions. Decreasing soreness, improving movement and allowing you to feel ready to move again.